Exercises To Be A Better Writer in 7 Days

What if I told you that your whole life could change in a week?

You’d sit up and take notice, won’t you?

The truth is, it can. If you’re a writer, all you need is one dedicated week to turn your career around.

Day One: Spend an entire day thinking about the topics that you like and make sense to you and your experience.

Come up with at least a dozen ideas for articles, blogs, books, or other pieces of content to fit your writing style and theme.

Day Two: Set SMART career goals.

Write down where you hope to be in a month, a year, three years, and five years.

Now you have to write down your financial goals.

Next, come up with a strategy to take you from point A to point B.

Decide what you will be writing. Will you write fiction or nonfiction? Magazine articles? Blogs or SEO content? Will you “Brand” yourself by writing in one particular genre? Spend an hour or more writing a piece about how your life will change once these goals are met.

Day Three: Diligently study the craft.

In my initial days, when I started writing, I picked every book on writing I could get my hands on. I read books on novel writing, SEO writing, Blogging, magazine article writing, self-editing, and so much more.

I joined online writing and business courses, focusing primarily on my passion: long-form blog and SEO writing. My desire to learn captivated me. Inspired me. Motivated me.

Spend at least an hour crafting the opening scene to a new book or a magazine article that you plan to pitch. Once you’re done with that, look at it with an editor’s eye and weed out passive verbs, grammatical errors, and more to ensure it has a strong hook and is enjoyable to read.

Day Four: Surround yourself with writers.

Look for a critique group in your area or link up with bloggers online. There are multiple organizations you can join, both national and local. Once you surround yourself with other writers, and learn from their experiences, spend some time working on your book or article that you started yesterday.

Writer at work

Day Five: Incorporate techniques from fiction writing in your nonfiction content or nonfiction techniques in your fiction content.

Fiction techniques include great characterization, plotting, and strong themes.

Nonfiction techniques include writing crisp and concise, having clear takeaways, and compelling stories.

Spend about an hour or two, adding these techniques to your work in progress.

Day Six: Research and figure out which publishers you would like to target.

Look through every publishing house that fits your brand and your genre and send them an LOI. An LOI is basically an introduction that allows you to get your foot in the door with these publications.

Day Seven: Rest your mind, body, and brain.

Most writers burn out because they don’t take time to refuel. Rejuvenation is vital to prevent burnout and to keep you functioning at a 100%

Go enjoy your day out. Do a family activity or just sit back and watch some Netflix.

There you have it. My tips to help you be a better writer in 7 days. It’s going to be a busy week, so buck up. Fantastic prospects await at the end of it!

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