Ten No-Brainer Freelance Writing Tips For New Content Writers

Writing Tip #1 and #10 are the best ones!

The life of a beginner content writer, full of ups, downs, and everything in-between.

You come into it convinced you’ll be the next bestseller. On the first day, you’re seated in the chair, banging away at the computer. On the second day, you’re slightly distracted by a good friend, who invites you to lunch. Day three comes by, and you’re facing the blank screen, struggling with writer’s block. On day four, you’re suddenly wondering whatever made you think you could write in the first place. Finally, day five comes around, and you decide you’d go to business school or something.

If you wish to begin content writing, start by learning from the experienced writers a few simple, no-brainer tips:

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Freelance Writing Tips to help you write better

Writing Tip One: Sit Yourself Down And Keep Your Rear In The Chair. It’s So Tempting To Get Up And Leave The Room. To Stop Mid-stream. To Watch TV Or Watch That Stupid Show On An Ott Platform.


Stay Put—Plough Your Way Through The Writer’s Block. Keep Writing, Even If You Have To Put A Steady Stream Of Gibberish On The Page.

Writing Tip Two: Find An Accountability Partner. Choose Someone Who Will Call You Routinely And Ask Tough Questions.

Questions Like, “What’s Your Word Count For Today?” or “How’s That Magazine Article Coming?” you get the gist.

Writing Tip Three: Start With Short Pieces. Many Writers Give Up Early On Because They Tackle Projects That Are Simply Too Large.

Writing Tip Four: Begin Your Day With Creative Writing Exercises. Tease Your Muse And Stir Up Your Imagination First Thing In The Morning.

Writing Tip Five: Hang Out With Other Writers. Nothing Will Motivate You More Than Spending Time With Your Peers Who Love The Craft.

If You’re Writing Articles, Find Other Article Writers To Hang Out With. If You’re A Novelist, Learn Alongside Other Novelists.

Writing Tip Six: Start A Blog And Keep A Journal. Doing So Will Keep You Writing Almost Every Day. Writing In A Routine Manner Will Be The Equivalent Of Pouring Water From A Magical Flask. The More You Pour, The Fuller The Flask.

Writing Tip Seven: Consider Taking A Class At Your Local College Or An Online Writing Course. Remember, All Writers Are On A Learning Curve. Acknowledge Your Need To Learn Then Do All You Can To Develop Your Skills.

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This small investment will pay off big time

Writing Tip Eight: Set Clear, Concise Goals. You Might Not Hit All Of Them, But You’ll Come Closer If You Actually Set Them. Here’s Some Information On How You Can Set Smart Goals

Writing Tip Nine: Go To A Conference But Choose Wisely. Some Focus On Fiction Only. These Won’t Be Of Any Help To You If You’re A Magazine or Blog Freelancer.

Writing Tip Ten: Don’t Give Up. Think About Other Great Writers. If Dan Brown Had Given Up, We Wouldn’t Have Inferno. If Charles Dickens Had Given Up, We Couldn’t Enjoy A Tale Of Two Cities. If J. K. Rowling Had Given Up, Millions Of Readers Around The World Wouldn’t Be Able To Get Immersed In The Magical World Of Harry Potter. 

Do you get my point?

Whatever stories or articles lie inside of you will be nothing but ideas if you give up. Don’t deprive the readers you’ve not yet met of the great things they could one day read.

That’s it for today. Read over these Tips again and make up your mind to do everything you can to stay the course. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best work from home jobs and the top certificates every content writer should hold. Adios!

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