7 Steps To Create Killer Pillar Posts

Today, ‘Blogging’ is one of the most desirable and demanding professions or jobs. But with this profession, a word called ‘Competition’ is attached and it’s very important to create a unique style in order to outshine others in this rat race. ‘Competition’ is one of the most difficult issues which bloggers face. In one search of any topic, you can see lots of blogs on that topic and related topics.

What is a pillar post?

Before understanding how you can create a pillar post, it’s very important to know what exactly a ‘Pillar Post ‘ is?  Most of your desirable doubts will clear here, once you get to know the contents which are included in a pillar post.

Pillar posts

Pillar posts are lengthy, well researched and meaty posts. These posts have well-positioned content in them.  These posts have relevant images, audio, graphics that will support the content of your post. It’s very important to create such a post that will attract readers. Pillar posts are something that will give you the results even after 7-8 years from the date of its actual publication. You should always consider that your post should be engaging.

If you’re thinking that pillar post is something which you’ll create in 45 minutes then my dear reader, it’s not possible. You must have seen the majority of the blog posts of 600-700 words and compared to them less well-researched blogs of 2000 words and more. So, if you want to make your post a ‘Pillar Post’ then it should be lengthy and should have quality.

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Now,  we’ll see why we should create a pillar post and will look at some facts and insights.


Why Should You Create a Pillar Post?

‘Survival of the fittest’ well suits this profession.  ‘Competition’ is one of the major drawbacks bloggers consider while being in this profession or before entering into this. It’s very important to have a unique style that can help in creating a unique brand image or your name. It’s important to have a compelling and attractive blog post if you’re working on branding your product or service.

Facts that’ll make a clear understanding, why do you need to create a pillar post?

  1. In the US, Internet users  spend 3X more time on blogs than they do on email.
  2. 59% of travel bloggers run more than one blog page.
  3. Tumblr has more than 459.1 million blog pages.
  4. 72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic.
  5. Blogging has grown by 12% since 2015.
  6. The average blog post is 1151 words, that’s a 42% increase in the last 5 years.
  7. 61% of the most effective B2B content marketers meet with their content team daily or weekly.

7 Actionable Tips for Writing A Killer Pillar Post

Writing a pillar post is essential for any website that is looking to grow and develop. Pillar posts are long-form, high-quality pieces of content that act as your website’s foundation. They are typically around 1,500 words in length and should be written with the aim of providing value to your readers.

By following these seven actionable tips, you will be on your way to writing a pillar post that will help your website achieve its goals.

1. Choose an Appropriate Topic For the Pillar Post

The first and foremost step while writing a pillar post is to determine which topic you want to work upon. Think and choose a topic that is broad in nature and for which you can write enough content.

Choosing a topic

For example- ‘AI writing’, ‘How to become a full-time blogger’ etc.

Choose an evergreen and fresh topic but don’t choose a general topic. Prefer those topics which you can break into subtopics.

2. Create a Outline For the Pillar Post

Outlining a post is very important. It will provide an idea of what to include in a pillar post. There are two ways to create an outline. First of all, there is a traditional way in which you can list down all the things and subtopics which you want to include. It helps in channelising the main points in a proper and productive way.

Create an outline for pillar post

The second way is to create an outline in a verbal form. Record or talk about it to your friends. For many people, recording is comparatively more effective than using a blank sheet. Once you are done with the recording then you can use that transcript for the outline.

3. Fill the Outline 

The next step is to fill the outline which you’ve made in the previous step with the evidence, stories, examples, site sources etc. To make this step effective, you’ve to do a lot of research. Just research and write. You don’t have to worry about how others will react after reading your blog because all the bloggers have different styles and ways of presenting their stories and opinions.

Fill the outline

4. Make the Necessary Edits

This is one of the most important steps. Just read your first draft two-three times. Make the necessary changes such as writing awkwardness, typos, wrong words, sentence fragments, grammatical errors and anything else that can have an affect on your views. You can also take help and suggestions from your close friends about the blog and content.

Editing in Content Writing

5. Give a Suitable And Effective Title to Your Blog 

It’s very important to provide a suitable and trendy page title for your blog. You’ve to give such a title that readers will get an idea about the content of the blog and the search engines suggest it.

Why are headlines important in pillar posts

6. Add Images

To make your blog attractive, you’ve to add suitable images and graphics to your blogs. Concentrate on images and videos that will set the tone for your post and that helps draw people in. Most people prefer blogs with images. Images and graphics can help in getting reach.

Images in a Article

7. Share Your Blog Post

Now, you’re ready to share your killer pillar post with your colleagues, friends and family. Share it with them personally and ask them for their valuable opinions. 

Blog Promotion

Conclusion: It’s Time To Start Typing!

If you want to create killer pillar posts, you must go through the above points in order to get an idea what the structure of a pillar post should be. But one mantra which you should never ignore is “Practice”. Start typing, writing and reading daily.

One day this habit will be the biggest reason behind your success. You must have a different style of putting words in a sentence and that’s totally alright. Having our own style of writing helps in maintaining uniqueness in the rat race but the only thing which you should not ignore or forget is Typing or writing. It helps in polishing our own way of writing.


How do you write a pillar page?

Here are some points which will help you out to write a pillar page: 

  1. Choose an appropriate topic 
  2. Make a pillar page content strategy.
  3. Start writing more and more.
  4. Divide your pillar page into a number of sections.
  5. Review your content and check grammatical errors.
  6. Prepare for design assets for the pillar page.
  7. Once it is launched, link all the sub topics content to your pillar page.
  8. Launch a campaign that connects all the pillar pages together.
  9. Share it with your team, friends and family as much as you can.

What is a pillar page example?

How many words should a pillar post be?

Pillar posts should be around 3500-4000 words. Since, they are required to cover more content than normal blog posts.

What is a pillar in writing?

Pillar in writing means you create blogs which include all the necessary details about your product or service or any topic. Readers usually prefer pillar pages so that they can get the whole information at a single place. Pillar pages help in building brand image and build trust among the audience

What is a 10x content pillar page?

A 10x pillar page generally contains your owned media – the content you own and control. The format is similar to an ungated e-book or a guide.

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