5 Quick Tips For Freelance Blog Writers To Get Better + 1 Bonus Tip

The internet has proven invaluable for budding authors and writers, hoping to earn a decent income from their writing.

Millions of opportunities, across fields, exist over the internet, for people who are interested in earning money while working from home. Being a freelance blog writer is one such opportunity. Blog writing is a good and regular source of income, but you need to follow some steps and guidelines to be a successful freelance blog writer.

I have curated a list of quick tips to help you write better and be a better blog writer.

Tip 1 – Know Your Topic as a writer

Always write about the topics you are well aware of. It will make you look dumb if you write something that is not in your reach, and your chance of being successful will be negligible at best. 

Anytime you start to write anything, make sure you research the topic thoroughly. 

This doesn’t mean that you don’t try your hand at new niches. You should always strive to upscale yourself and try to get into new industries. My advice to anyone who wants to expand their horizon is to practice and work in the industry or learn about it before writing about it. 

Tip 2 – Explore Freelance Job Boards And Forums

Always keep your eyes open for “looking to hire posts.” Apply for the jobs you think can handle with ease and go well with your knowledge and expertise area. Sign up for various freelance job boards and forums on the internet to make sure you don’t lose out on great opportunities.

Marketing your writing skills by posting about your services and helping others learn something new is also a good idea.

There are various groups on platforms such as Facebook that are created for the sole purpose of matching writers with potential employers. You should join these groups if you wish to get a grip on the industry. Once you’ve established yourself as a dependable resource, you can start pitching your services to businesses on your own. 

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Tip 3 – Always  Meet Your Deadlines And Give Your Assignment Your Best 

Give your best at every chance you get. Make sure the work is complete on time every time. Consistency will bring in more clients and ensure client satisfaction. 

Make sure to proofread your writing at least twice before forwarding it to the client. A pro tip for you would be to hear your writing as it will give you a new perspective. This way, not only will you be able to retain the client but also attract new ones.

Tip 4 – Learn The Basic Fundamentals Of SEO to be a better writer

Search engine optimization or SEO is a non-negotiable skill every content writer must hone. SEO helps your writing get discovered by more people organically and allows the website to get more traffic without paying for it.

You don’t need to be an SEO wizard but knowing the basic fundamentals like the placement of strategic keywords to ensure your content stays compliant with industry-standard practices. 

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Tip 5 – Improve Your Management Skills as a writer

A freelance writer is also an independent business owner and administrator. To run a successful business, you need to be a good manager. Improve your management skills to ensure that your business thrives. 

Apart from being a profitable freelance writer, you also need to be a good time manager, a great customer relationship manager, and a fantastic business administrator. 

Tip 6 – Know Your Worth as a writer

You are worth a lot more than you think you are. Always set a target per-hour or per word rate that you’d like to charge. 

Initially, charge a little below your ideal rate until you establish yourself in the field. Once you feel you are set, start taking jobs that offer higher rates. Don’t compromise and give in to every whim of your clients. You are a business owner, act like one!

I hope these six quick tips will help you get better at writing and running your freelance business. If you’ve got questions or just want to talk you can head over to our Facebook group or comment down below.

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