CONTENT WRITING: Practical Steps to Get Started

We can divide most writers into two categories. The first category is for people who are financially secure, thanks to a well-paying job or support from family. The other category is for people struggling to make ends meet. They may be stay-at-home parents, or caregivers for aging parents, or perhaps people who are unable to work due to various ailments, including psychological ones. If you’re wondering, will I ever be able to retire by making a career in content writing then the answer to that is, yes! 

Freelance writing and freelancing, in general, is perfect for people who need to earn extra money on the side to supplement their expenses, put a downpayment for a house, or perhaps just buy the latest tech.  

So, what’s a beginner to do? How does one get started writing for pay? 

I recommend starting with a couple of great online writing courses on how to be a freelance writer. It’s never too late to start learning, even if you’ve already got a college degree. Freelancing is a competitive game and you’ve got to have an edge.

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From there, begin to write about what you know, what you do every day, perhaps about one of your hobbies. Your topics should be an honest reflection of who you are. There’s no fake it till you make it in writing and if you’re not genuine, your readers will pick up on it.

Next, you have to write a couple of thousand-word articles about a topic you like. Be sure to include a great hook, something that will reel in your readers. 

Have a good friend or someone you trust to read over the piece to ensure it hits the mark. Ask them questions like Did you grasp the takeaway at the end? Or Is my writing style engaging? Note down any suggestions they offer and incorporate them into your article.

When you’re sure the article is strong enough, research about various magazine publishers online. drop the editor a small message, letting them know about your piece. If they find your pitch interesting and if it’s a good fit, they will ask to see it.

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From there, you never know what can happen! The next article could get picked for a better price, or make a good foundation for your freelance practice. In a year or so from the day you start, you could be bringing in more money than you ever imagined.

Once you are comfortable with calling yourself a freelance writer, take a look at these 5 free certificates every writer should hold

So, start today. What are you waiting for?

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